about 108

about 108

108 is a digital interactive novel that aims to explore various ways of storytelling in a digital space. It focuses on the stories of 108 characters living in a simulated universe on the brink of collapse. The world suffers from glitches, logic is no longer logical, to live is a quick descent into the absurd. 108 utilizes a different form for the story of each character and explores how they try to manage living in a world devoid of meaning and sense——all while revolutions, alien invasions, magical battles, corporate takeovers, calls for deicide, and all sorts of mishaps take place in the background of their lives.

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content warning

108 contains content related to anxiety, death, deicide, depression, domestic abuse, flashing lights, general abuse, general self-hate, house fire, miscarriage, offensive language, suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, and violence.


108 is dedicated to Carly Rae Jepsen.
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